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Detailed House Washing & Soft Washing Service

Alabama Pro Wash offers you a very detailed exterior cleaning service. We will not be firing up a pressure washer and blasting the exterior of your home or business. We will use our blends of professional quality cleaning solutions and surfactants. We clean hard to remove bug deposits by scrubbing the areas with a brush, not by holding a high pressure blast of water closer to the area until its blasted away.

We brush your window trim, doors and trim. Overhead ceilings on porches are brushed after the cleaning service to remove excessive water drops that most will leave to dry into dirty spots. That is all included in all of our house washing services; it’s not an extra upgrade! There is much more to washing a home or roof than just using high pressure. A soft wash will not damage your home. Also, when you hire a professional you don’t risk personal injury… You will be pleased you called us to clean your most expensive investment!


We Are Soft Wash Certified for House Washing Homes in Alabama

We are proud to say we are a certified soft washing company in Alabama. We have been certified through the National Soft Washing Alliance and Roof Cleaning Institute of America. We safely wash the exterior of your home’s siding with No pressure washing techniques. That means the amount of pressure we use on the exterior of your home is equal to the amount of pressure you receive when you turn on your garden hose! This No pressure technique ensures we will never damage your home during our house washing process. Every home we service in Alabama is treated like it is our own! We perform the extra steps that most house washing and power washing companies in the area neglect.

Call Alabama Pro Wash today for a free house washing quote and on-site demonstration of our house washing services.

Soft Washing Vs. Pressure Washing

What is the difference between soft washing and pressure washing? Great question! The difference is with a pressure washer you push out 3000-4000PSI out of your wand. That is enough pressure to peel the paint off the sides of your home. Soft washing is a technique used that requires little to no pressure. Typically around 60PSI which is basically as powerful as a garden hose. What does this mean to you? This means we will not damage your home, none of your cleaning technicians will be injured during the cleaning process, and no paint will be chipped off the sides of your home! Less liability and better house washing results! That is why you need to call Alabama Pro Wash next time your home needs a bath!