Rust Removal Service

Do you have orange stains on your home or concrete? Those stains are rust! We can successfully remove the rust stains from your home or property.

Rust Removal in Alabama

Alabama Pro Wash specializes in rust removal services in Alabama. We services the entire central Alabama area. Call Alabama Pro Wash today for a free rust removal quote!

We are a certified & licensed applicator of The World’s Best Rust Remover F9 BARC

Highly effective at using non-hazardous methods on the following stains:

  • Rust comes from many sources, most commonly from metals or fertilizers that contain iron. Most concrete rust does not travel more than 1/16” deep into the concrete.
  • Orange Battery Acid looks like an orange flash acid “burn” that can trial down your driveway and onto the street. These stains are almost identical to rust stains, but are very different in nature. If your battery acid is white, it can travel throughout the entire slab and there is no cleaner that can remove the white stain.
  • Fertilizer Stains fertilizer stains are very common on driveways and concrete or paved areas around the home of anybody who regularly uses fertilizer.


F9 BARC is GUARANTEED to remove THE MOST concrete rust, fertilizer staining and orange battery stains than ANY OTHER product on the market!

Battery Acid & Fertilizer Stain Removal

In addition to being highly effective at Rust Removal from concrete, brick, vinyl siding, pavers and much more, Alabama Pro Wash is highly experienced and capable to remove such stains as

Orange Battery Acid & Fertilizer Stains with F9 BARC. In fact we can remove a wide variety of common stains you will find on your driveway, sidewalks, house, patio area, courtyard, entrance areas and all external areas that are subjected to these types of stains.