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rust removal

Rust Removal

Rust stains can appear on the exterior of a building when metal objects, such patio furniture, breaks down due to a combination of metal, water, and air. Over time, ugly orange and brown rust marks can appear on the area around the metal object. They can make your home, commercial building, or concrete look poorly cared for, and that has a negative impact on your property value.

Here are the three leading causes of rust stains in the Tuscaloosa area:


The water here contains high iron content and other metals and minerals that can cause rust. Your irrigation system may be spraying water on the delicate surfaces of your property, and over time, cause those ugly orange and brown stains. Not only do our crews quickly and expertly eradicate rust stains, they will also give you advice on how to prevent them in the future.

Fertilizer Rust Stains

Most people don’t realize that most common fertilizers contain iron, and iron causes rust. If you have noticed ugly rust stains on your concrete walkways or driveway, fertilizers may be the culprit. We are experts at removing those xxx marks without damaging your shrubbery, flowers, or grass. 

Metal Rust Stains

Tools, outdoor furniture, metal toys, and anything else that contains iron can cause rust stains if left out 

In addition to being ugly, rust can damage surfaces. If not removed periodically, it can do irreparable damage to your property.

Rust stain removal is a specialized service that requires professional equipment and solutions. It is very stubborn and should not be left up to anyone who is not properly trained. Unlike other companies, we do not carry dangerous muratic acid on our trucks. We wouldn’t use it on our homes, and we won’t use it on yours.

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